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Hiking Safely While Traveling Abroad

Do you plan on doing some hiking while on vacation? Have you already planned your trails? Hiking is a great way to see the country you are in. We have some great information before you hit the trails on your next vacation.

How to plan a hiking trip that best fits you

-How much time do you have?

-Where are you at in your fitness level?

-How many miles do you plan to hike?

How are you going to get to your hike?

Plan on what type of hiking you want to do. A few miles, the day, or multi-day. Be sure to research your hike, so that you can be better prepared for the type of trail and skill level required.

Bring your gear

Pack accordingly: the time of year you are going, and the weather expected. Here is a list of the basics:

-Solid hiking boots or shoes



-hiking poles (if needed)

-high-protein snacks, water, and electrolytes

-first aid kit

-backpack with a bladder

-bug spray

The app’s to use

Bring maps or dow

download an app(s) that can keep you on the trail. Some good apps to use are:




Let’s talk about safety

Safety is so important when hiking. As I mentioned research your hike, download the apps, and how you will get there. Here are some of our safety tips:

-pack a first-aid kit

-wear a survival whistle

-bring plenty of water, snacks, and electrolytes

-wear proper shoes and clothing

-keep your devices charged. Bring a power bank as a backup

-know the wildlife and what animals to be aware of

-let people know where you are going

With proper planning, you can have the most amazing hiking experience and see more of the country you are in. Bring back incredible photos and stories to share with friends and family.

Hike safe and travel often, my friends!

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