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5 Travel Agent Myths

The travel industry is booming! With that more and more people are using travel agents, like yours truly. When I talk with people about what I do, I often get the same questions or statements about travel agents. Today I’m here to debunk some of these myths. Our first myth:

Myth 1- Using a travel agent means going back to the stone age- the travel industry embraces new technology. The way of paper itineraries and tickets is gone. Travel agents use email, text, and social media to communicate with their clients. Clients don’t even have to meet their agent in person all can be done via digital communication. How’s that for the busy traveler?

Myth 2- Using a travel agent is expensive- False. Some agents are free to use while others may charge a small “plan to book fee” usually about $100. Agents make a commission but that is paid by the supplier, not you. We spend time learning about your travel preferences and researching destinations and airlines. Custom designing a trip completely tailored to you. Saving you time.

Myth 3- Talking with a travel agent is like talking with a salesman or saleswoman- Not true. Many of us have previous experience in other fields before stepping into the travel industry. So, we get it! We are pumped to work with you. Discovering your vacation dreams, styles, and wants, and achieve the ultimate vacation again and again. Our relationship with our clients does not end after booking their epic vacation but continues for every vacation you take moving forward.

Myth 4-Traveling with a group is the only time to use an agent- Wrong again. Yes, agents can help make a group trip easier, but we can make the simplest of trips easier too. Travel agents can tell you which seasons are best and worst in your destination, arrange your transportation to your destination, book excursions, and so much more.

Myth 5- Travel agents have gone the way of the dinosaur since everything is online- Wrong. The travel industry is thriving because everything is DIY. People are becoming overwhelmed by the hundreds of options online. We do the work for you and use only reputable suppliers. Agents take FAM (familiarization) trips often to keep up to date so we can be in the know for our clients. This gives us access you as the traveler don’t get. This gives us deep knowledge and expertise to use when working with a client. We often train with suppliers to keep up with any new destinations, changes, and information.

The news recently reported that more and more people are using travel agents, especially after COVID and what is going on with the airlines. When you use a travel agent you are never alone. We are here to help with any issues that may come up, make phone calls, or help you reschedule a canceled flight. Agents are with you before, during, and after your trip. Planning your epic vacation sounds easy enough but using a travel agent is even easier!

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